John G Hertzler: A political biography

JG Hertzler picture

Having attended Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA) and graduating with an AB in Political Science, I was able to land a civil service job in the office of Resource Recovery, an office created by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1972 within the Federal procurement and disposition agency known as The GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION. Simultaneously, the Watergate debacle was unwinding before our eyes on the pages of the Washington Post. I applied to and was accepted into American University Law School where I attended though could not matriculate due to family exigencies. Eventually I did complete my Master’s Degree upon attending grad school at the University of Maryland’s School of Communications, and there followed a 40 year career in theatre and television, culminating recently in my visiting professorship at Cornell University. I was elected to the Ulysses Town Council in 2013 and re-elected in 2016.

Political activism, inside and outside the conventional political process has compelled me for decades. Last year I protested the storage of volatile gases in geologically unsound storage chambers beneath Seneca Lake. Not only was I arrested along with 20 or so other volunteers for blocking the gas trucks from entering the facility but I decided then and there I must do all I can to change the balance of power in the House of the People. And now I am a candidate for the House of Representatives in the 23rd District of the New York. This is the culmination of my public career in communications and my deeply held values as to what America means to me. I am changing the game of Political Campaigning by bringing the persona of Mark Twain along with me.

Drawing upon my four decades of experience in the performing arts along with my drive to achieve political change in this district as well as the Nation, I will occasionally embody Mr. Twain to pass along his wisdom on politics, Congress, selfishness, humanity, invention, barbers, old rams, and the American Way. Of course, I will most frequently speak as myself, John G Hertzler, but I will call upon Mr. Twain when the need arises. Whether appearing as Mark Twain or as John G Hertzler, my heart and soul will represent the common man and woman of this nation and this district, the idea of fair play, creating a more perfect Union, the pursuit of life liberty and happiness, and a government ideal based solidly on the concept of a nation and its government of the People, by the People and for the People.