Where I stand


Everything we Americans, we New Yorkers can do to reduce and replace the burning of fossil fuels in all aspects of life, from transportation, to home heating, to industrial activity, including the production of vast amounts of plastic products…WE NEED TO DO this, we MUST do this as if our lives depended on it…which they do!

We must create an ENERGY PROGRAM similar to the 1960's APOLLO PROGRAM, the NASA program that got us to the MOON and BACK in 9 short years! We need this to succeed in the transition from our addiction to 19th Century Fossil Fuel energy to a much more sustainable energy that can take us boldly into to future!

The Chinese have practically cornered the world market on SOLAR PANELS because the government of China incentivizes the manufacture of panels and then ships them around the world, putting all other manufacturers practically out of business. Our own, NY based solar companies, RENOVUS for example, use or until very recently USED, Chinese panels because if they didn't, they would not be able to make solar power affordable for the vast majority of residents and businesses in our state. FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL government can do much more and must do much more to support the alternative energy industries of America. "Bring the Jobs Home" is the watch- phrase of my campaign. That's the way to "make America Great Again"…instead of hawking overpriced Red baseball Hats that were made in China!

Economically, this urgent transition to endless energy will create hundreds of thousands of NEW JOBS in the solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geo-thermal and bio-mass sectors of energy production, just as they have done elsewhere. In California, the number of jobs involved in generating sustainable energy is greater than all the coal mining jobs in the entire nation. Our pristine lakes, our ten thousand water falls, our massive numbers of clean water aquifers will become the model for the nation. Our air and land will be the envy of the world. But we cannot, we must not, we will not…. do this as a political afterthought…. rather…we all must insist our hard-earned tax-money goes toward making this change as fast as possible…. This is a war for survival, folks…. either we fight like we Americans did in WW2, like we did in the Space Race, like this nation led the world in defending our air, our water, our wildlife, and our land from big business and transnational predators interested only in short term profit and the future be damned! From our effort in WW2, we defeated FASCISM which threatened to overwhelm every Democracy in the world…from the SPACE PROGRAM we created the DIGITAL REVOLUTION which has swept the globe and changed life on earth forever. We have to do it again. We must lead the world in the WAR on CLIMATE CHANGE! With this war, there is no alternative to success! If we fail, the human race fails. Nothing less than success in this WAR is acceptable.


The President's new commission, led by Kris Kobach and Mike Pence, is being set up by Trump and his so-called "team" to search out and eliminate "voter fraud" in the USA. But it is a SHAM. It is a FAKE Commission, led by FAKE investigators, inspired by FAKE news. It is the new "shiny object" minted by the Trump White House, intended to distract the American People from the blatant and widespread election TAMPERING by transnational and foreign meddlers working with the Trump campaign. In Kansas, where Kris Kobach led a similar effort to find and prosecute the "immense voter fraud" in that state…he found 9 cases out of 178,000 voters, and could only prosecute 1 case. His "Interstate Voter Cross Check program" exists for one thing only….to limit and suppress our right to vote, state by state by state.

On the other hand, this shiny new object must not distract Congress from investigating the security and reliability of our VOTING SYSTEMS throughout the nation. Not only the Russians are being investigated for possible collusion and intervention in our elections, but my personal voting experience this year was the following. I filled in my "optical- scan" ballot with the provided pencil, went to the ballot- counting machine, tried to ascertain which way to insert the ballot when I was told…"You can insert it in any direction, backward, forward, upside down, doesn't matter…. the machine will still count it." REALLY!?!?

In what other area of modern life in America are you allowed to insert into a computerized counting machine… a dollar bill, a credit card, a parking ticket, lottery ticket, anything really…with the suggestion that we can insert it in any orientation, "the machine will still count it!" If we are trying to buy a Milky Way…or just need change at the Laundromat…. when are we ever given to understand that, …"You can insert it in any direction, backward, forward, upside down, doesn't matter the machine will still count it." My answer…NEVER, NO WHERE, NO HOW! So, does it make sense that something as vitally important to the very survival of democracy in America as THE VOTE would allow voters to insert ballots into machines that are 100% less demanding than a dollar changer? I DON"T THINK SO.

And regarding the ongoing investigations of current and former Trump connections to the Russians, investigations involving former KGB officers meddling into the electoral process of our National Elections, we are told there is nothing there! "There is no evidence anywhere of any wrong doing!" a phrase repeated every minute by White House spokes-people, by radio talk show hosts, by Fox News… Really? After the new Attorney General recuses himself due to lying before Congress on the issue of his own collaboration with Russian contacts…after the President asks the FBI Director to stop the Russian investigation and when he refuses, he is fired! And after there were the multiple resignations of Trump's National Security Advisors and former campaign aides for lying about proven contacts with Former Russian KGB agents working for Putin. Really? No evidence? Stop lying to us, FOX NEWS! Stop Lying to us, Mr. President. Stop lying on behalf of the President, Tom Reed.

As "CITIZEN TWAIN says" …"I am pursuing the RUSSIAN vote relentlessly! IT appears to be the most influential voting bloc in the American electoral system. Das V'danya!


My position is simple. SINGLE PAYER. It works in every other industrialized nation, democracy, republic or constitutional monarchy…why do we think it cannot work here? One reason…. PROFIT!!!! The insurance business is a multi-trillion- dollar industry. Ask yourselves one question…"Why is it that the tallest sky scrapers in almost any given U.S. city are always a bank, a Trump hotel or an INSURANCE COMPANY?" The profits are immense! And the profits are obscene when the retiring CEO of a major Health Insurance Corp can give himself a half-billion- dollar severance package while there are people in the USA going bankrupt and dying while trying to fight off cancer with inadequate insurance and lack of care. I ask myself that all the time and it makes me sick, literally.

The quickly written White House bill called the AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ACT, passed in the House after White House arm twisting and "financial encouragement", is the opposite of a health care plan…it is basically a herd-culling plan to assure the poor and infirm, the old, the minorities and even the struggling middle class are pushed over a financial cliff in our attempt to pay for health care.

Single Payer…. look it up, do the research for yourself…don't listen to me, don't listen to talk radio. Talk to the people living in these countries….Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, Holland, Australia, Greece and on and on and on. Use the internet! Then research the millions of Americans currently being served by a Single Payer Program called MEDICARE! SINGLE PAYER works, Tom Reed, but perhaps there simply isn't enough PROFIT in it for the Corporations which support you. Could that be the reason for your opposition? Your big Corporate insurance buddies wouldn't have enough money to funnel into your gluttonous campaign coffers if single-payer ever expanded past Medicare to be available to all Americans of all ages? By the way, Tom, Medicare is the most cost efficient, accessible and affordable health care insurance program in America. Your Cassandra- esque outcry of “too much Government" is belied by the success of Medicare for 100's of millions of Americans over the last 50 plus years.

But Tom says…."WE HAVE A 20 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT! We can't afford SINGLE PAYER!" (Trumansburg Town Hall meeting 6/3/2017). Here's a question, Tom…What was the debt when you came into office and what have you done to successfully reduce it? And how about this idea…Why not stop sending our troops and treasure to die and disappear in an unending conflict in the Middle East? Isn't a 16-year war, the longest war in American history proof enough that the problems of the Middle East are not soluble by military force? How many trillions have we spent in Afghanistan alone and what have we succeeded in accomplishing? At least the trillions spent over time on health care has saved millions of American lives.


Get out of the Middle East!... as soon as possible. There is no end to our war with Middle Eastern nations until we end our century old involvement in their internal affairs. Stop arming the world. Stop arming the emerging nations. Strengthen our ties and our aid to the Emerging world. Stop manufacturing terrorists by attacking the starving, frustrated, impoverished, despairing young people in the Middle East whose families are blown up by drones operated out of remote US military bases around the world. The war in Afghanistan has been ongoing for 16 years. The longest war America has ever been engaged in. And what have we accomplished? For the people of Afghanistan? For our Military? For the American people? Our men and women have fought courageously…given their lives and their health to the struggle….but to what end? How will we know victory? The Soviet Army finally recognized the insanity of their ongoing war in Afghanistan but they had stayed too long and it cost them dearly. Within a few years of their withdrawal, the Soviet Union collapsed, economically, politically and spiritually. Please, let that be a lesson for us!

Tax Reform

Trump's chief NY toady…er supporter …Tom Reed has been booed and shouted down at nearly every Town Hall he has had the temerity to hold throughout his district. The proposed TAX REFORM package promoted by Ryan and Trump is obviously not what the people want. Well that is going to change. Republicans keep claiming how JFK was a tax cutter and would be delighted to be a Republican today…. hogwash! When JFK came into office…. following the administration of Republican Dwight Eisenhower, …. the top marginal tax rate was 91 percent, which JFK wanted reduced to a "more sensible" 65 percent. Compare that with today's 35 percent top rate, and ask: If supply-siders are so enamored of JFK's tax policies, would they advocate a return to his "more sensible" 65 percent top rate? Applying Kennedy's tax talk to the current structure, JFK biographer Robert Dallek says, is like comparing "apples and watermelons."

So, JFK is not the model of TAX CUTTING that the Republicans claim. It's simply not true. Trump’s tax plan, a one sheet that Tom Reed completely supports, 100%, perfect, very clean…tax reform document, basically raises taxes on everyone but the top economic class, who will get a $800,000,000 tax break over the next decade. Say what? But we Americans are loyal citizens of the Greatest Nation on earth and we are proud to be so…and paying our fair share of taxes to maintain this nation is a proof of our love and respect of country. But here is the kind of thing that really rankles me and should outrage every NYS Tax payer within the state …. NY STATE Senator Tom O’Mara currently representing me in the New York Senate…accepted bonus money for chairing the Transportation committee in the NY Senate, trouble is…he wasn't chairing that committee. He was the Vice chair. Furthermore, he was not even present at the meetings of that committee but voting from his law office or his home or car or wherever. But he was not only still collecting his law-firm business income, but also his NY Senate salary, a Senate expense account fund, but also the 15 -30K bump for chairing a committee he didn't chair! That kind of abuse of tax payer's money…MY MONEY!......has got to be stopped. Whomever is to blame is less important to me than seeing to it that GOOD HONEST people get into office in NY and Washington DC Government to stop this kind of waste, fraud and abuse. It’s not fair. And by the way…WHERE ARE TRUMP'S TAX RETURNS????? Anybody??? Anybody???? Beuller?


I have the sign BLACK LIVES MATTER sitting on the fireplace mantle of my home. The death of Sandra Bland was and is an open wound on American society. I really do not understand why there is not a federal investigation ongoing to find the facts about her claimed "suicide" I also hold that the police organizations of this nation need to take a very hard look at the basic WAGE of police officers. I think we can do much better by our Men and Women in Blue who are there to protect and serve. As the world becomes more and more dangerous, we must not underprice and under-train our police officers. We must put the best and brightest in uniform and keep them trained to protect and serve to the best of their ability. So, the way I am approaching CIVIL RIGHTS issues in America, I want to see an END to the killing of unarmed young African Americans and the best way to do that, I feel, is increase the training and selection of America's best to serve at all levels of police organizations. We need a POLICE UPGRADE!


I absolutely positively support unequivocally, the 2nd Amendment. "The RIGHT to bear arms!" If we should ever lose that right, America might never recover. The 2nd Amendment is such an important right that the founders placed it high on the list of guaranteed rights, preceded only by the First Amendment.

  1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  2. A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It seems clear enough to me that the Founders thought it critical that the First Amendment could be protected and defended by the 2nd Amendment, the right of citizens to bear arms. As with the entire Constitution and all its Amendments, the interpretation of the First and Second Amendments is left to the Judiciary Branch of the Federal government, and that is where I feel it should be. Either we believe in our Judiciary or we don't. If we don't, then I would offer that there is nothing really to protect or defend in the American Democracy at all.


The foregoing is only some of my positions on the issues facing America and New York's 23rd District. There are many more issues that directly and indirectly affect the lives and welfare of the people of the 23rd. In the next few months I will be traveling throughout the 23rd to talk to people on school boards, town boards, high schools, farms, hospitals, town halls, village halls, union meetings, political meetings, diners, colleges, where ever the people are working, playing, living and struggling in this economy and in this political universe we find ourselves in. A change is coming in 2018 and I have chosen to be part and parcel of that change, rather than stand-by waiting for someone else to step up on my behalf. That's why I am running for Congress in the 23rd District of the Great State of New York. Period.