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Aikido Kokikai Federation USA

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Aikido Kokikai Federation USA membership organization is to:

  • Foster the growth of Kokikai Aikido in the USA
  • Track and maintain a list of dojos, instructors & students participating in Kokikai Aikido in the USA
  • Support the continuing ability for the Kokikai Aikido membership to have the opportunity to train with Sensei and other senior Aikido Kokikai instructors through national camps and regional seminars
Goals & Benefits

1. To ensure the continued growth of Aikido Kokikai instruction and practice.

2. To ensure the continued credibility of Kokikai rank certifications.

3. To manage and maintain AKF USA membership lists.

4. Provide support to AKF USA groups through the hosting of future camps and seminars

5. To subsidize hospitality and travel-related expenses incurred by camp or seminar instructors

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