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Why am I running for Congress?

"Why not me?" We cannot wait for change to happen, certainly not in the hands of Tom Reed. New York cannot wait. This country cannot wait. So I decided to stand up and say, "Why Not Me!"

Elect me and I promise to fight on the floor of the HOUSE for the farmers of the 23rd, the union and non-union workers of the 23rd, the Veterans of the 23rd, the elderly, infirm and poor of the 23rd. I will not fight for tax reform that benefits the rich. I will not fight for Big Oil and Big Gas to begin drilling in our parks and forests to extend the era of FOSSIL FUEL, when we should be doing all we possibly can in creating jobs by developing solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, …endless energy and endless jobs. I will not fight for more privilege for the very wealthy. They have enough! I will not fight to dismantle Medicaid, I will not fight to dismantle our Public schools. I will not fight to PRIVATIZE Social Security. I will not fight for a law that makes health insurance unaffordable except for the few who can afford it.

I will fight for you, the common man and woman of the 23rd …. people of the 23rd who get up at 4AM to farm the land, the people who get up at 5AM to get their kids to school, I will fight for the kids to have a future that's not filled with climate destruction and hate.

Why is Mark Twain joining me? Because Mark Twain was a hundred years before his time, supporting women's rights, civil rights, literacy for all. He was an inventor and supported invention wherever he found it. He was a futurist and a humanitarian. And Mark Twain had the unique ability to criticize policies with which he soulfully disagreed, but he did it with humor, a gleam in his eye, and a heart that recognized the humanity of his opponent. I want to reach for that, and I need Mr. Twain to help me.